I have been a member of Fellowship for over 10 years now and have never had a moments hesitation about inviting people and families to do the same. I now have the pleasure of doing the same with your messages on the web.

We moved to Montana last year and I continue to listen to the sermons online and people that have never heard of Fellowship Church are asking if you have to be a member to listen to these webcasts. I feel truly blessed by all of you. Pastor Hooper Sr. is my absolutely favorite but there is not a Pastor that speaks that doesn’t teach me something every week. I have ordered things from the bookstore online and over the phone and everyone treats as if I was there face to face. You can just feel the love. When we come home for visits I welcomed as if I never left.

I have told two couples in the last month what I learned from Pastor Hooper that has helped me keep my own marriage together. Both of these marriages are mending through God and I thank you. Please know your web messages are worth it.